Spring 2014: DOP (Disappearing Object Phenomenon)

Feral Childe SP14 plays on the sentimental curiosities of disappearance and reappearance. Nostalgic tributes, coincidence in composition and the wonder of unexplained rediscovery are expressed through emotional prints and subtly vibrant hues. SP14's palette includes earthy tones of sand and shale, a spectrum of blues, and pops of maroon and rust. The intoxicating mystery surrounding a young woman's disappearance in Michaelangelo Antonioni's film L’Avventura, the lyrics of Buffy Sainte Marie's Moonshot, and the Google Image Search results for "disappearing object phenomenon" serve as triple points of inspiration. Prints adapted from Feral Childe's paintings, drawings, and collages depict dodo birds, abandoned spacecraft, Mars rovers, optical instruments, ancient Mayan ruins, and Aurovillian geodesic domes. The collection is comprised entirely of natural fibers ranging form handloomed and organic cotton, silk linen, Tencel and hemp. Each and every garment is made in New York City.


Curio Tank and Orbit Shorts

Passenger Dress in Spanish Glove Print

Borrower's Blouse in Stripe and Kepler Trouser in Spanish Glove 

Day Coat in Spanish Glove

Van Allen Sheath in Mars Rover

Solander Shirt and Shadow Pant in Reeves Print

Avventura Shift in Spanish Glove Print and Orbit Shorts

Dark Star Dress in Mars Rover Print

Simple Tank in Lost Print and Shadow Pant in Reeves Print

Nova Shirtdress in Void Print

Doppler Dress in Nightfall Print

Eclipse Tee in Lost Print and Kepler Trouser in Mars Rover

Planetary Shift in Nightfall Print

Day Coat in Khadi

Nova Shirtdress in Khadi

Van Allen Sheath in Reeves Print

Borrower's Blouse in Spanish Glove Print
Nova Shirtdress in Khadi


Photographer: Jonathan Hökklo   Model: Sharan Bala   Hair and Makeup: Lindsay Cullen   Styling: Feral Childe