Fall 2012: Infinite Librarian


“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”   ― Jorge Luis Borges

Left: Toklas Top in Chain Print and Jean Valjean, Right: Tolstoy Tunic

Left: Double Plot Blouse, Right: Bronte Blouse and Jean Valjean in Triangles Print

Left: Article Top in Triangles Print, Right (Clockwise from Top Left): Article Top with Dalloway Skirt, Predicate Dress with Canterbury Cardigan, Hidden Plot Tee with Faust Skirt, Cousteau Jacket in Tweed with Faust Skirt

Left: Tolstoy Tunic with Wilkie Legging, Right: Bookends Dress

Left: Pages Dress, Right: Dust Jacket with Quilty Slip

Left: Dalloway Dress in Lace Print, Right: English Major Dress

Left: Tolstoy Tunic, Right: Toklas Top in Bookshelf Print

Bookbinder Dress in Husky Print



INFINITE LIBRARIAN features new hand-drawn prints by Feral Childe. Styles are named for our literary inspirations and aspirations. Our Bookshelf print features items which actually exist in our everyday lives. A bi-coastal design team since 2006, we have combined our parallel physical realities into one imaginary shelf.  We've compiled our favorite shapes and motifs from the limited-edition accessories of past collections and redrew them as ink sketches to make the current season's Husky print:  die-hard Feral Childe fans might recognize these shadowy sketches as the brooches and scarves from Feral Childe collections of yesteryear: Husky Brooch (Canadian Alphabet FW07); Award Brooch (School Play FW09); Maple Leaf Brooch (Canadian Alphabet FW07); Owl Brooch (Canadian Alphabet FW07). The new collection references, among other things, the 10-plus years of friendship and artistic collaboration between Feral Childe. You can think of INFINITE LIBRARIAN as an archive, a compendium of the things we have created over the years and continue to revisit and revise.