The webshop portion of our site has now closed. We hope you will enjoy perusing our archives on this site. Feral Childe produced 22 collections from 2002-2015. The following is a selection of our most recent collections. If you are interested in purchasing any items, get in touch and we will do our best to help you locate any remaining inventory. A selection of fabric and trims are available at select retailers and on Etsy. Thank you for your interest.  

Feral Childe Phantom Shell  

Fall 2014: The Medium is the Message

Feral Childe Doppler Dress  

Spring 2014: Disappearing Object Phenomenon

Feral Childe Ghost Shell  

Fall 2013: The Ghost Ship Gradient

Feral Childe Collard Shirtdress

Spring 2013: The Searchers

Feral Childe Bookbinder Dress  

Fall 2012: Infinite Librarian