Reflections on a designing life

April 03 2021

Although it's been quite some time since we've engaged with the public, sometimes I have felt the urge to share the thoughts and feelings of the last few years since our last collection in Fall 2014. To me the world is vastly different and stepping away from Feral Childe gave me the opportunity to examine my life. It could be a mid-life thing that I want to create a repository for the 18 years I devoted to this project. I'm relieved that I'm no longer in the business of manufacturing clothes although there are aspects that I miss. I wish I'd had the time to document what we were going through, as we were going through it all. Years later I am still not totally able to put Feral Childe to bed; I struggle with how to honor this work and include it in my personal narrative without it overshadowing my recent accomplishments. This blog is a place to explore and document my thinking about Feral Childe.