Fall 2012 is Here!

September 03 2012

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” ― Jorge Luis Borges

We hope you have had a wonderful summer. Our Fall 2012 Collection INFINITE LIBRARIAN is arriving in stores now! We are working on a new website which will have ecommerce but in the meantime you can check out the Fall Collection on our special Tumblr page:


You can also check out the album on Facebook here.

Just email us at studio@feralchilde.com if you see anything you'd like to purchase. You can always return or exchange if not fully satisfied with your Feral Childe pieces.

Thank you as always for your love and support!

xo Alice + Moriah

PS If you go and see the newly released film Robot and Frank, you can catch Susan Sarandon wearing Feral Childe in a couple of scenes. She plays . . . a librarian. Kismet!

ABOUT THE NEW COLLECTION: INFINITE LIBRARIAN features new hand-drawn prints by Feral Childe. Styles are named for our literary inspirations and aspirations. Our Bookshelf print features items which actually exist in our everyday lives. A bi-coastal design team since 2006, we have combined our parallel physical realities into one imaginary shelf. We've compiled our favorite shapes and motifs from the limited-edition accessories of past collections and redrew them as ink sketches to make the current season's Husky print: die-hard Feral Childe fans might recognize these shadowy sketches as the brooches and scarves from Feral Childe collections of yesteryear: Husky Brooch (Canadian Alphabet FW07); Award Brooch (School Play FW09); Maple Leaf Brooch (Canadian Alphabet FW07); Owl Brooch (Canadian Alphabet FW07). The new collection references, among other things, the 10-plus years of friendship and artistic collaboration between Feral Childe. You can think of INFINITE LIBRARIAN as an archive, a compendium of the things we have created over the years and continue to revisit and revise.

At Feral Childe we strive for more sustainable production, using organic, sustainable, artisan-made, or repurposed fabrics; and manufacture everything in New York City.